I help women Sparkle and Bloom their way through their 40’s and beyond by leaving anxiety behind them and getting their hormones back in sync, leading to more energy and much more confidence.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you have been dropped on a roller coaster with all your emotions all over the place? You hate your age and just feel old, overweight and invisible. Maybe you are smacked with anxiety or brain fog driving you crazy. Do you feel someone has stolen the real you, and you want her back?

I help women who are struggling with their health issues, work with me if you seriously wish to make changes and see results, I’ll help guide you back to a healthier you.

You have taken the 1st step– discovering my website. The next step to take is to click below on the email form, send me an email or just pick up the phone and give me (Karen) a call 07806 611282 and we’ll book a free health review call for you straight away, to start you on your journey of loving and feeling more comfortable in yourself once more.



I am still open for business and now due to the coronavirus, I am offering clients consultations through zoom/skype or over the phone. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)