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Get Your Appetite for Life Back

Are you suffering with sleep issues?

Are you overweight or pre-diabetic?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you suffering with bloating or gut issues?

Are your hormones all over the place?


Karen’s specialised areas of interest are: – Pre-diabetes/ Type 2 diabetes, Weight loss, Women’s health and Gut harmony.

I will help you rediscover your best self again;

By helping you gain control through making small dietary changes giving your body the nutrients it needs and by making lifestyle changes which are realistic and supportive, so that you get to where you wish to be. Better sleep, weight loss, improved digestion or much more balanced hormones, leading to YOU to having loads more energy, feeling more content and much happier in yourself.

Karen’s programmes are all personalised to her client’s needs and her client’s can count on her to work and empower them to get them to where they wish to be health wise. 

Interested in working with me?

Schedule a no obligation 30 minute complimentary health reviews where we can talk about your health concerns. You can call or text (Karen) 07806 611282 or fill in the form below  to arrange a time that’s suitable for you to start putting yourself first.


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