Corporate Wellness

How many man hours does your business lose each month due to staff sickness?

Because of the fast pace life we live in, greater expectations are placed on individuals to deliver.  People end up relying on sugary, processed food and caffeine to to keep them going.  This could have long term implications for their health.

Research has shown that employers that show a vested interest in their employees health and well-being have less absences from sickness. This equates to increased productivity and a more successful business.

Being aware of the right nutrition plays an integral role in the health and well-being of employees, and implementing a corporate wellness strategy would be an effective tool for the long-term health of your staff.

I offer in-house workshops for groups / corporate clients on nutrition that can be tailored to suit specific needs that include individual health consultations for your staff, workshops that cover common workplace health concerns such as stress and anxiety, cardiovascular health, diabetes, insomnia and fatigue. Here are some of the topics I cover:-

  • Reducing fatigue and boosting energy
  • Balancing blood sugar levels and stopping cravings
  • Reducing stress and preventing mood swings
  • Beat the bloat-improve your digestion
  • Sleeping well

My aim would be to give your staff practical tools that are easy to incorporate into their lives. This can include any combination of the above or something designed specifically designed for your employees.

Contact Karen for further information either by email or by phone 07806 611282.

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