We all know what a treat is, and how we can use it when we are feeling low to cheer ourselves up, or when we are feeling really happy and we want to celebrate. Most of the time a treat comes in the form of food -something savory more often sweet to indulge us, something that gives us pleasure, sometimes it is a food that we had in our childhood and we are transported back to that happy time and place. Eating is what everyone does and the taste of certain foods can be uplifting, a de-stresser required to calm us, or used to fill a void.

What we have to remember is that ‘a treat‘ is just that- something to enjoy occasionally, not something to have everyday.

Are you struggling to lose weight or always yo-yo dieting?

Do you feel that you are always running on empty and needing your treats to keep going?  

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special and enjoyable occasion or experience:

to buy or pay for something for another person