Groups- Weight Management

Starting September 2019:  12 Week Weight Management Programmes £120
Where: At Wishing Well Bromsgrove & At Links Nurseries Powick
Wednesday Wishing Well starts 11th September 10-11 a. m
Thursday Links Nurseries starts 26th September 9.30-10.30 a.m.

I offer group sessions of up to 12 people so you can support and encourage each other to meet your goal. The purpose of the programme is to change your eating habits for the long term. This is accomplished through a combination of nutritional education and coaching to give you the skills to enable you to bring about long term, sustained weight loss.

What the programme includes

  • Teaches you how to maintain motivation and focus to continue your weight programme
  • Shows you how to change bad eating habits.
  • Provides ways to reduce stress and explains how stress impacts upon hormones.
  • Provides examples about effects of medication.
  • Discusses the impact of food intolerances.
  • Teaches you about the optimum time to eat.
  • How to balance blood sugar levels.
  • Eating healthy fats.


12-week programme:  Early Bird discount £89.00 until 31st August 2019 or pay weekly £10 per session

Contact me (Karen) for further information or call me on 07806 611282

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