Groups- Weight Management & Healthy Eating

We always start off with great determination and motivation to lose weight but along the way that motivation can quickly slide, either due to not seeing quick results or not feeling we are being supported enough; and consequently our old eating habits start to creep back in and the weight goes back on again. There can be a number of reasons for this including stress and how it affects hormones, medication, food intolerance’s or even what, when or even how you eat that needs to be looked at. Every person’s weight regulation is personal and complex. I work with small groups to help each individual within it to identify what the issues are, and what will be best for them by setting realistic sustainable weight goals that benefit overall health. 

I offer group sessions of 4-8 people so you can support and encourage each other to meet your goals.  The purpose of the course is to change your heating habits for the long term.  This is accomplished through a combination of nutritional education and coaching to give you the skills to enable you to bring about long term, sustained weight loss.

Research has shown that by losing just 5% of body-weight if you are over weight can make a huge difference to your overall health by decreasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

1 hour programme per week over 12 weeks

You learn about:

  • nutritional values of food,
  • diet myths,
  • recipes and menu plans,
  • the importance of reading food labels,
  • how stress can affect the body,
  • how to manage stress,
  • balancing blood sugar levels,
  • super foods,
  • which supplements are supportive,
  • why cutting calories is not always the answer,
  • how to overcome barriers to weight loss,

and additionally you will receive ongoing weekly support in a small group setting.


£15 per person per week = £180 for the 12 week session or if paid in advance the last session free (£165)

Reduced rates are available for senior citizens and students, please ask for details.

Contact me (Karen) for further information or call me on 07806 611282

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