Nutrition and Lifestyle MOT

Who would benefit from a ‘Health M.O.T’?

Ideally this is for the person who have no major health concerns, you aren’t dealing with any symptoms or a diagnosis. However you are keen to address minor concerns or family concerns and just wish to be proactive at looking at your diet to optimise your health.

You may be approaching a milestone birthday or celebrating a wedding soon or going on holiday and wish to look and feel your best.





You may have been to see me before and would like to keep your nutrition on track

You may feel that you do your best to eat healthy, but you sometimes wonder if you really are and you would like someone to help you get through all the confusion and give you advice that is right for you.


What we know is:-

Having the right balance of good carbohydrates, proteins, health fats and hydration ensures optimum levels of all the vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients that our bodies requires. As this has a huge effect on how we sleep, our energy levels, mood, how well we can concentration and also on our digestive system, immunity and our overall general health.

What’s included

To personalise my advice, I need to finds out a bit about you. I will send you a brief health questionnaire and food diary to fill in and return to me before your consultation.

A 60-minute consultation

Tailored assessment of your nutrition needs

Dietary & lifestyle advice to promote optimum health, that are simple but sustainable little tweaks and changes that may make a difference to your health.

Menu for 7 days

Recipes to inspire you

FEE £70

There is a 10% discount for OAP’s and students.

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