Prices Concessions OAP’s & Students

1:1 consultation includes a 90-minute consultation and Follow-up


£ 160


1:1 Sparkle and Bloom your way through your 50’s and Beyond 10-week or 12-week programmes.  Fees start from £225 and are dependent on the length of programme.




1:1 Packages Weight Management Programme 10-week or 12-week programmes. Fees start from £225 and are dependent on the length of programme.




Group 12 Weight Management Programmes




Nutrition and Lifestyle MOT is for 60 minutes




Terms and Conditions

Each programme will be designed to give you the support you required to make the changes necessary in order to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Once payment has been made it is recommended then appointment dates be arranged.

Payment Terms

Full payment is to be paid before the start of the programme by cash, visa, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

If you would like information about my payment plan, please let me know.  

Programme Duration

All programmes are designed to be completed within the allotted time period of 10 or 12 weeks to enhance results.

Where it is not possible to complete the programme within the allotted time period, due to unforeseen circumstances and in these cases the time period would be extended to 12 and 15 weeks only.

Beyond the extended 12 or 15 period all outstanding sessions will be forfeited.

Rescheduling Appointments


We kindly ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to change an appointment time, so that your slot can be offered to others.  Notice of less than 24 hours could result in your appointment being forfeited.  Please email any change requests to or call 07806 611282


Appointment Times


Please note that if you are late for an appointment it may not always be possible to extend beyond the scheduled time allocated due to other appointments. 


Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations should be given 24 hours prior to consultation or progress calls.

To make a cancellation you can email or call 07806 611282.

If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, it may be forfeited.

I am still open for business and now due to the coronavirus, I am offering clients consultations through zoom/skype or over the phone. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)