Sparkle and Bloom your way through your 40’s and Beyond

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you have been dropped on a roller coaster with all your emotions all over the place? You hate your age and just feel old, overweight and invisible. Maybe you are smacked with anxiety or brain fog is driving you crazy. Do you feel someone has stolen the real you, and you want her back?


My Sparkle and Bloom your way through your 40’s and Beyond Programme is for women who may feel like they are racked with anxiety or brain fog, and it is driving them crazy. The majority of women are affected with some of these symptoms during this period of time in their lives, with gut or skin issues, hair loss or weight gain, others may have mood swings or just feel overwhelmed and exhausted all of the time. I help women who are struggling with their health issues and want to leave anxiety behind them by helping them get their hormones back in sync. This leads to clients having more energy, feeling happier and gaining back their overall confidence.

I empathise because I’m a 50+ women now, I know what good nutrition, lifestyle changes; mentally, physically and emotionally can do. If you can relate to this, then this programme is for you.


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