Staying Focussed Over The Christmas Period

It is mid December already the time of the year when we slip off our wagons…. be it  by food or alcohol. What we have achieved in the previous few months can be wiped away very quickly. Leaving us with that uphill struggle again in January.

Five simple steps to help you stay focused

1.Research suggests that exercising in the a.m. can help keep you on track not only food wise, but you continue to move more throughout the rest of the day too, this is according to a study from the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

Meaning you aren’t tempted to indulge as much compared to if you haven’t worked out.

2. Follow the 80/20 rule, eat healthy 80% of the time and enjoy your 20% of indulging. That could mean meeting up with friends for dinner having three course meal with wine to go with it knowing it is a one off for the week, getting back to eating normally the following day.

Meaning it is important not to feel deprived, if you feel deprived you will end up over indulging through the whole Christmas period.

3. Be mindful, being aware of each mouthful brings your mind to the moment and helps your stomach connect with your brain. Take the time to eat your food slowly and saviour it. Put down your knife and fork between bites and relax, the meal has probably taken a few hours to prepare and the least you can do is spend the time appreciating the table setting, the flavours and smells of the meal and the company you are with.

4. Do not go hungry to a party. Make the time to eat before you go when possible otherwise you will spend your time picking and eating foods such as crisps and salted nuts that will add to your weight. If you are going to the party and taking a dish take the healthy food you enjoy eating, homemade dips, cut up vegetables, roasted vegetables with olives and feta or sugar free cupcakes.

5. Think portion sizes, how large are your dinner plates 12″ or more ? If they are downsize, buy yourself a 9″ plate. This can make a huge difference to the amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis. Over the holiday period we will be meeting up with lots of friends just for a coffee, the coffee goes with cake or a couple of biscuits. Share the biscuits and cut the cake in half and have half each. You are helping not only yourself but your friend or family member too.