I met Karen at a very low point beaten by long term conditions and approaching menopause. Karen really listened to me building up a history from childhood to date to advise a controlled approach to increasing supportive foods and eliminating problem ones.

Over a number of sessions I would say I have presented Karen with many challenges and she has researched these meticulously, offering detailed solutions.

My life in 9 months of working with Karen looks very different. I no longer have a bad relationship with food, my long term conditions have improved sufficiently for me to take a regular programme of exercise and I have lost a significant amount of weight. I now have excellent blood sugar and cholesterol results and have eliminated any diabetes risk.

In summation I have gained precious time and a improved life working with Karen and would highly recommend her services to those looking to make better health choices.

April 2019

Karen was involved in Powick School’s “well-being” week, where she provided an interactive display and led discussions with the children on how much sugar was in different popular drinks. The children then had to work out the amount in sugar cubes. Karen worked with class groups from Year 2 to 6, where the visual impact of the session had a great effect.

Karen worked with the children in the Reception Class over a four week period looking at different vegetables and fruits. The children worked in teams putting the vegetables and fruits they were familiar with into a colour chart and then taking home a chart to see which colours they ate throughout the week increasing both individuals and families’ awareness. The children completed the activities by making their own “healthy meal “ on a plate including carbohydrates, proteins and favourite fruit and vegetables.

Karen was a pleasure to work with and her sessions had an immediate impact.


Liz Harding Reception Teacher

I visited Karen a few months ago, feeling tired; having many headaches and just generally feeling low. Karen helped me to get some blood test for general health testing along with some food allergy/intolerance tests. With the aid of the results and Karen’s patient understanding and knowledge, I was able to adjust my diet.

In just 6 weeks I have lost 10.5lbs in weight, feel more motivated and have hardly any headaches. Its almost too good to believe as I didn’t even think my headaches were related to my diet. I am truly thankful that I sort the advice from Karen who has proven to be the best professional help I could ever have wished for. I just wish I had taken the plunge earlier.

April 2019

Karen has really helped me out with some long standing gut health issues. Her invaluable advice has led me to uncover food intolerances and thyroid issues which I am now able to address. Her dietary plan has been very thorough and after many years of fatigue I am finally starting to recover my energy levels. She also gives excellent lifestyle advice to complement the nutritional therapy.
July 2017

I visited Karen to see if she could advise me if my diet was affecting or contributing to my ongoing health issues. I thought I had a healthy diet until Karen pointed out how much sugar I was consuming. It horrified me!. Karen explained how the amount of sugar maybe affecting the health issues I was concerned about.

Wow with Karen’s advice, guidance and food suggestions my husband and I changed our eating habits. The foods we now have in our diet are so tasty, they make our mouth water, they make our old foods extremely boring now! I am having more good days now than the ongoing poor and bad days I was previously experiencing. Thank you Karen.

June 2017

Karen recently came to speak at our Endometriosis Support Group about the importance of nourishing the body through what we eat to maintain physical, emotional and psychological health and aid recovery when Endometriosis symptom flare-ups occur.

Her positivity and confidence in the benefit of healthy eating was contagious! Her knowledge in Nutritional Therapy, significant time spent immersed in the Asian culture and numerous qualifications in complimentary therapies made for a unique and encouraging perspective on how we can help ourselves to good health through good nutrition.

I don’t think we had ever spent so much time thinking about a ‘happy gut’! Karen really helped us realise the importance of an efficient digestive system to allow absorption of nutrients, rid the body of waste and positively impact the body for optimum health. The group work to look at specific foods, menus and food packaging was fun and useful but perhaps most significant for me was that Karen made us feel that we could easily implement some of the things we had talked about and see the positive effects relatively quickly.

October 2017

I approached Karen as I really needed help. I had read that poor diet can contribute to my condition and symptoms, which had been deteriorating for some months. Karen really took the time to listen and research my condition and gave me recommendations that were personally tailored to me and my lifestyle. She helped to plan a practical way forward and gave me great tailored advice on supplements, diet and overall my food approach. Through Karen’s guidance I learned how to understand food and how my body works with food. After a couple of weeks, I already started to see improvements to my energy and wellness levels. I cannot recommend Karen enough to anyone looking for bespoke nutritional advice and would like to thank her for her patience, understanding and knowledge. The difference it has made to how I feel now – physically and mentally is outstanding!
May 2016